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PBQ News: Family health clinic in QB now primary care centre for more than 3,000 residents

October 13, 2022
photo of inside decor of Flowerstone clinic

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The Flowerstone Family Health Clinic in Qualicum Beach is now the primary care centre for more than 3,000 Parksville Qualicum Beach residents.

The clinic, which recently marked its second anniversary, is staffed with six nurse practitioners, who are actively accepting new patients from the Oceanside Health Connect Registry, according to a news release by the Flowerstone Health Society, a community-driven non-profit organization.

Flowerstone Family Health Clinic also looking to staff two family physicians to further strengthen the clinic’s skill set and to quicken the pace at which residents can have a health-care provider to call their own.

“Flowerstone’s approach to healthcare is unique,” said Julie Gibler, a patient at the clinic. “It allows individuals to remain in the driver’s seat, as leaders in their own healthcare decisions.”

The clinic is managed by the Flowerstone Health Society. Earlier this year the society received charitable status, which allows it to receive charitable donations from the community to support its initiatives.

“Patients want to have a voice regarding the direction of health care in their community,” said Rosemary Graham, chair of the Flowerstone Health Society. “We believe residents want to participate in the growth of primary care and they can do that by joining the society. A community membership and the ability to accept charitable donations should enable the Flowerstone Health Society to be a dynamic contributor to primary care in the Oceanside area.”

To learn more about the Flowerstone Health Society, apply for society membership, get connected with the Health Link Connect Registry, or make a donation, visit for more information.

— NEWS Staff, submitted